Re: Just a couple of projects to keep me busy

Pogonip wrote:
On 8/13/2011 11:08 PM, BEI Design wrote:
<snip> I also stitched four
lighthouses on a denim shirt (pics soon), and took it
with me to the
beach. Several people stopped me to ask where I got it,
"wanted one just like it". ;->

I'd like to see that, ma'am.

Here you go:

My recently deceased
cousin's husband is a lighthouse fan, and he has been
calling me since she died.

Do you think he'd like something embroidered? I could send
you a link to the designs. ;->

I think he's lonely for
someone to talk with, most likely someone who doesn't say
things like, "She's in a better place," etc., ad nausea.

Ugh. I had to bite my tongue when people said that to me
after DH died. I knew they THINK they were comforting me,
but they were not.

He quite liked it when I told him that I had made at
least two good-faith efforts to kill her when we were
young. He said he could relate to that. ;-)