Re: Oscar 2011 Red Carpet hits and misses

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Pogonip wrote:
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Discuss! ;-)

Not bad for a maternity gown, though I don't know why she
is responsible for sweeping the carpet.

I will be thrilled when the current fad for floor-sweeping gowns comes to
an end. Not only long trains, but so many of them were a couple of inches
too long. Silly people were constantly hiking their skirts up just to
walk on flat floors. One would think expensive gowns would include

How about this?
Something recycled......but what? A chair?

Your guess is as good as mine. NOTHING about that appeals to me. Not
even the upside-down lace trimmed 'pockets'.


Something about the bodice reminds me of those "painted" windows in old
houses. You know, the window itself is square or rectangular, but the glass
has been painted black so that you're looking through a circle. I imagine
that might be called a "cameo window"?