Re: Not sewing...

Ursula Schrader wrote:
"BEI Design" <invalid> wrote...
I'm sitting here with a streaming mug of wassail
feeling very sorry for myself. I caught a nasty
more-than-a-cold-but-probably-not-pneumonia just before
Christmas. I had to postpone the family dinner and
gift exchange. Pout!

Ah yes, I know exactly how you feel. I got mine since
late November and still not really healthy. The nasties
and Green Meanies are clinging to my sinuses with all
their might.

That's the ones! I hope you feel better soon!

But I'll try Kate's remedy; still got a
bottle of Laphroig in my cupboard. At least you are well
enough to receive visitors,

I didn't recieve visitors, I was way beyond being able to do
the necessary preparations and cooking. Fortunatrely, my
older DD jumped in and took over at her house.

sit down to the computer, and
take pics of birds (which are lovely).

Thanks. Fortunatly it doesn't take much effort to click the
shutter, and my software makes uploading them to my web site

We didn't have a decent family Christmas here, too. On
24. we had been invited to DSIL but had to call it off
due to snow and slippery road conditions. On 26. we had
been invited to mom's for her birthday but dad called in
the morning to let us know she had had a bleeding and
infection in her wound and after a visit to the ER wasn't
in any shape to celebrate, although she was at home. On
Monday she was back in hospital and has been there since
with antibiotic treatment etc. and we couldn't even have
a decent family New Year's celebration. In Germany, we
get loads of fireworks and drink and food and whatever.
Anyway, about an hour ago dad called and warned us not
visit since she suffered another bleeding and had to
undergo surgery again. At least the specimen from her
lymphatic glands show no signs of cancer. Wheewh!!! So
they just need to get her fit enough to transplant some
of her skin on the large wound on her ankle. Keep your
fingers crossed, please.

Oh, Ursula, I am crossing fingers and toes and sending good
wishes with all my might!

So, keep on mending and have a great sewy New Year!

Happy New Year ro you and yours as well!


P.S.: I didn't finish the jacket for DSIL but we had a
little fitting so that I can continue once DD is back to
Kindergarten. I'm not sure if she likes the jacket but
she'll get it even if hell freezes over. ;-)

That's the spirit! ;->