Re: endless bobbin

On 18/09/2010 16:31, Alan Dicey wrote:
On 17/09/2010 21:01, BEI Design wrote:
sewingsista wrote:
can you tell me if there is an endless bobbin feature on
the SE-350 machine and if so, how does it work? If
not... is there something you can buy to get that feature
added to your machine.???
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That appears to be a low-end machine. Have you asked your
question of Brother?

I know the Endless Bobbin feature for my Singer Quantum
XL5000 is an integral part of the machine, not an add-on.
It require a special bobbin and threading path using a large
cone of bobbin thread.

That link explains to me (at last) how the "endless bobbin" feature
works. It doesn't feed the thread continuously into the bobbin area, it
automatically refills the bobbin once it's empty.

As such it would need a special design of bobbin, an automatic threader
to feed thread to an empty bobbin, a drive to wind the bobbin, a cutter
to cut off the thread once the bobbin is full, and another threader to
start the new thread. All of this has to get out of the way before
sewing can begin, as the fundamental principal of the lockstitch sewing
machine is that a loop of the needle thread passes right around the
bobbin or shuttle.

I can't see this ever being an add-on feature, and would expect it to be
found on top-of-the-range machines only.

I wonder how industrial machines get around the bobbin capacity issue? A
winder like this, or maybe an automatic bobbin changer and a supply of
pre-loaded bobbins?

No, typically they use either HUGE bobbins (compared to domestic sewing machine bobbins), or two cones of thread, one of which is fed in under the machine bed through what would be the bobbin area on my machines. :).

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