Re: Exercising Self Control *was* Bernina 830 vs Elna 500

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Forgot to mention:

Had my hair cut today. Found out, talking about my impulse buy, that
she (hair stylist) was just getting starting in quilting. (!!) She's
been cutting my hair for 32 years! She just had to drag out a ziplock
of quilting squares for a project (for a new grandkid), based on "I
spy, with my little eye...". each square had a different motif. Some
were hot dogs, some were pickle chips, one was sock monkeys, another
was muffins with frosting and chocolate sprinkles, one was puppies,
and so on. These were 5 inch squares, and she doesn't even own a
machine yet! I gave her such encouragement as I could, not being into
quilting. I bragged on the Sistine chapel, and the Long Dog sampler..
(Cathy, KY/CA project). We now have a new topic for discussion.

My $60 is *well* spent.<G>

Alex, spreading the word!

And chances are, with an almost new machine, that it still has the original box for shipping... I have Lily's box, the 'retired' Huskylock is in it's original box, and I have the box and all the packing for both sergers...

If not, direct the sender to this:

While primarily aimed at packing vintage machines, what it says holds true for all machines that have lost their original packing.

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