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On 15/09/2010 03:10, Juno B wrote:
On 9/14/2010 9:51 PM, mamahays wrote:
Juno B wrote:

I made a small batch of plum butter today. 2 pounds of plums chopped and
3/4 cup apple juice concentrate, cinnamon and some fresh ginger. Cooked
it about 25 minutes then gave it a whirl with the stick blender. Cooked
it about another 90 minutes. Put a teaspoonful on a plate, no liquid
seeped from the edges so I knew it was done. Oh boy, is that good. I
used apple juice concentrate because I try to limit refined sugars. On
to bigger recipes like apple butter.

ooooh!!! That does sound yummy!!!!

I now have 30 half pint jars and 8 pint jars of apple butter and about
same amount of peach jam in the pantry. :) A bunch of the half pints will
go for Christmas presents to neighbors and friends. Gotta keep enough on
hand though to make the DS happy. (he's kind of a jelly/jam/butter

Never try to teach a pig to sing. It's a waste of time and just annoys
I have always loved butters, jams and preserves and have the waist line
to prove it.
You have very lucky neighbors and friends to be on the receiving end of
your goodies.
We tried a little of the plum butter when it got cold. I was in heaven.

Hm... This year's damsons are ripe and I still have a bunch in the freezer from LAST year! Maybe I should try this recipe... Sounds like a good way of reducing a glut to manageable proportions!

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