Re: OT Plum butter

Juno B wrote:

I made a small batch of plum butter today. 2 pounds of plums chopped and
3/4 cup apple juice concentrate, cinnamon and some fresh ginger. Cooked
it about 25 minutes then gave it a whirl with the stick blender. Cooked
it about another 90 minutes. Put a teaspoonful on a plate, no liquid
seeped from the edges so I knew it was done. Oh boy, is that good. I
used apple juice concentrate because I try to limit refined sugars. On
to bigger recipes like apple butter.

ooooh!!! That does sound yummy!!!!

I now have 30 half pint jars and 8 pint jars of apple butter and about the
same amount of peach jam in the pantry. :) A bunch of the half pints will
go for Christmas presents to neighbors and friends. Gotta keep enough on
hand though to make the DS happy. (he's kind of a jelly/jam/butter junkie.

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