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Ron Anderson wrote:
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Thank you, thank you, thank you, Ron, for all the snippets of useful info.

I don't know the machine's exact age, but it came with the manual plus a small stitching sample and a note that the other half was retained at the factory. It is all labelled "made in Switzerland". For those who are interested in such things, the serial # is 086703. It does a beautiful straight stitch, and the built-ins are all excellent. However, it has double cams (discs) for some embroidery stitches which I have not yet been able to get to work. Either I have to study the manual some more, or perhaps find another workbook. Are there any such things, Ron? I hope so, as there are cams for flowers, eyelets, little ducklings all in a row, etc., and I would like to try them.

Got to go take some more pain pills, and will hope to have another play with it tomorrow.

Olwyn Mary in New Orleans

There would be only the original manual. I am sure that info is in there.

Thank you, Ron. I have now gone through the manual line by line, testing everything, and have posted the results under a new heading.

Olwyn Mary in New Orleans