flea market score today

I found a treasure at the flea market today. One of my pals and I just
needed to be o-u-t of the house for a while so we went and wandered.

Found a copy (in very good condition considering its age) a copy of "Sewing
Made Easy." "All about dressmaking and sewing for the home....1,000 easy,
step by step pictures."

Copyright MCMLX (1960.)

All sorts of fun things in there. A pretty good section on tailoring. A
really nice section on how to add things to a pattern, like godets, or
change out the sleeve style. All manner of fun things. Great line
drawings. It really does look like a gem of a book.

There's some chuckle-worthy stuff too.

I really love this from the chapter on "Buying your pattern."

"Are you short? If you are less than 5 feet 3 inches, you are called short.
You may be short and plump, or you may be a tiny, perfect doll. But these
Do's and Don't's for dress and pattern buying apply to all small figures."

Followed by:

"Are you tall? If you are 5 feet 7 inches or over, you are counted tall.
Tall women are lucky, for they can wear the striking, unusual clothes shown
in this fashion magazines."

Not to mention they can reach the top shelf at the wal-mart. LOL

And I got this treasure for the princely sum of $1. ;)

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