Re: Hats Off

On Fri, 12 Feb 2010 08:10:33 +0000, Kate XXXXXX wrote:

I tend to make things in my head several times over before they hit the
real world.

I go through that as well, at least that's my excuse for not getting on and
doing some work! I have a sitting child doll that I just *cannot* find the
right colour material for the smock I want to put her in - I can vsualise
it, I just can't find it anywhere! :-) There's a 36" male doll that I have
to do a proper tailored morning suit as part of a wedding pair, been
thinking about that for months and months! Then there's a 42" nubian doll
in pieces, got to put her together so Audrey can dress her. Was actually I
doll I wanted to do but the household authority made an executive decision,
so I've been delaying putting her together! :-) Actually Audrey does agree
that I put the bodies together much better than she does - I guess it's a
firm hand to ram home the fibre stuffing in the soft parts of the body. And
I like experimenting with resins to hold the armature centrally in the arms
and legs.

I quite often make two or three bodices for a doll's outfit before I get
one that I'm happy with! I guess it's the solidity, the unyeilding nature
of the porcelain, the top especially has to be a damned near perfect fit if
it's going to look right. The only good thing, the bodices don't use a lot
of material and I learn and refine with each attempt.


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