Re: Web Site Recommendations

I'm going to suggest you borrow a couple of books from your local library
on pattern alteration. The two beginning books I'd suggest are
Fantastic Fit for Every Body, by Gale Grigg Hazen, and Palmer and Alto's Fit
for Real People. Because you seem to be more technically oriented, the book
that I really like is Leichty, Pottberg and Rasband's Fitting and Pattern
Alteration, A Multi-Method Approach, which is more systematic and analytical
than the other two. The third one is expensive, and the content sends some
folks screaming for mercy, but if you like it, you generally really like it.

The thing you're really going to have to learn to do when fitting is figure
out how to read the wrinkles and sag marks in the fabric -- that's the
real key to figuring out what needs doing. In general, once you get the
lengthwise grain straight up and down at CF and CB, and the crossgrain
parallel to the floor at bust and hips, you can adjust the rest by trial and
error, much of it at the side seams.