Re: McCalls Patterns

On Fri, 05 Feb 2010 13:11:46 -0500, Jenn Ridley <jridley@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Terry <> wrote:
Hi Jenn:

I appreciate your comments but I did look for a waist line measurement
of the envelope and did not see one.
If you follow the link that I put in my post you will see the exact
pattern envelope I'm looking at. On the back of it there is no mention
of waist size. I also called McCalls and they couldn't find it

If you see it and I'm missing it, on the envelope, I'd like to know

The body measurement chart is on the flap of the envelope. It's
become a fairly common place to put it.

The finished waist measurement is printed on the pattern, next to a
mark that says "Finished Waist Measurement".

(I was at the fabric store, and actually looked at one of these

I know (I posted earlier about not seeing it on the flap). If it was a
dog it would have bit me :)

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