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Ursula Schrader wrote:
"BEI Design" wrote...
larisavann [at] comcast dot net wrote:
Thanks. I think I'm going to introduce both children to
quick clothing "alterations" and have THEM fix their own
clothing this's time for them to learn,
don't you think??
Sure, I'm sure your son is old enough, I don't remember how old your daughter is, but if you can start them on 'doable' projects, go for it. Just try to remember (as I did NOT) that their skills will not meet your standards for a while, and if you pick at every little detail you'll turn them off sewing for life. A major regret of mine is that I was not able to impart my joy of sewing to either of my DDs, and that was my fault.

Oh, I know exactly what you mean, unfortunately from the receiving end. My dad is - apart from having been a schoolteacher - an artist. He sculpts, draws, well, all these things, and although all three of his children inherited his considerable talent, none of us has chosen arts as a carreer option. Why? Because nothing we'd draw as children was good enough. It was always 'And why didn't you do it like this?'. I remember that in Kindergarten I could draw hands already, you know, how kids draw hands, round things with fingers. However, I soon found out that others couldn't and that I thus stuck out a little which I disliked. So I changed my modus operandi and drew hands as little balls at the end of the stick called arm. My, did I get a telling off at home! And it goes on and on all through my childhood. I promised myself that whatever DD chooses to do, I'll be supportive. Period. If she asks me how to do it better I'll help, but only then. I hope I'll stick to my promise, little 'teach-granny-sucking-eggs'-me. ;-)


I managed to stay fairly hands-off with the GMNT...

OK, so I actively taught him to sew - along with the rest of his year group in school! I was officially being 'The Sewing Lady' with all those facinating machines when he had his first lessons. Now, if he wants a fleece jumper with personal details and stuff, I help him design it, advise when he needs it, and teach him any techniques he has yet to learn, but he does most of the actual work himself, and I apply the galloping horse/10ft and the other side of the footlights rules to straigt seams and finishes. Done is great. Perfect is for Allah.

On the school front, he has a great pair of resources in Himself and me, should he care to use us. If asked to check something over, I'll correct grammar and punctuation, address issues of incorrect information, and suggest better ways of putting things if he wants, and I'll keep him up to speed on what the exam boards and his teachers require for certain grades, but I don't go standing over him unless he starts failing to hand stuff in or the marks drop to a less than satisfactory level. Most of the time he does 90% of this for himself these days.

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