Re: I'm goin' to Nashville!

mamahays@xxxxxxx wrote:
On May 3, 5:05 pm, "BEI Design"wrote:

So maybe another time, I would dearly love to meet you
in "real space".


ok...... <<sniffle>> I'll try not to be too
disappointed....... <sniffle>


Really, trust me here, I completely understand. My butt
lost all feeling just thinking about that many days in
the car non-stop.

My car fits me very well, I would not mind that long a trip
if I were stopping along the way to see interesting places.
However this would be a flat-out run from PDX to Nashville,
no sightseeing on the way either direction.

I'm not thrilled with flying, but it
is a useful thing when you have to go that far. And if
you can swing a first class trip, go for it!

If I calculate the cost of hotels, gas and meals for 10 days
driving, it would easily cover the cost of a round-trip
first class flight. I'll be taking a close look at that

Between all
the online booking options, and any points programs you
might have through credit cards, etc, you should be able
to find a good deal on that. If you have an Amex card,
look at their website and see what they can do for you on
that. They have some pretty good travel and point things.

Good idea! I just recently got an AMEX card (through
Costco) and it does pay a pretty generous rebate for travel

I mean it too, if you decide to cruise out this way,
whenever, you are always welcome. :) (and your little
dog too!!! No flying monkeys I promise.)

I am going to go with the rest of the family on the 15th.
There are events planned for the dancers and family members,
but I may not be included in those, so I'm scoping out other
things to do for the first couple of days. Let's see, it's
what about 540 miles from Nashville to your location? Maybe
I'll rent a car and whip on over there.We could have a nice
little slumber party before I head back. And my long-lost
boyfriend from high school lives south of Little Rock....

Little dog will be staying with my younger DD, they are
testing the suitability of their home and yard in
anticipation of getting a dog. Free dog-sitting, yay!!!