Re: My new worst sewing chore, what's yours

BEI Design wrote:
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BEI Design wrote:
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Juno B wrote:
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BEI Design wrote:
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BEI Design wrote:
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BEI Design wrote:
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Emily Bengston wrote:
On 2/22/09 5:36 PM, in article
"BEI Design"
Juno B wrote:
BEI Design wrote:
Juno B wrote:

My second worse chore is
spelling correctly and
picking up my
errors before I send a
post to
the group :).
Chore is spelled
with the "e" after the
"r" isn't it.:) Juno
Fixed it for you, along
with the apostrophe abuse. ;-)
(I wish spellcheck looked
at the *subject* line!)
Beverly, unquestionably the *worst*
typist on
Usenet. :-}
No your not, I am, so do you
want to fight over that
dubious distinction.
Sure, we can meet over coffee
and arm wrestle. ;-)
Can you believe
the only word I needed for spell
check was
fight.Actually I also
needed it for believe and spell. How
many typos can you
make in a sentence that
short. :)
Me??? 15!!! But since we
are on the subject, "your" and
"you're" (contraction of "you
are") is another
fine example.
Do you know
that I almost always type
and as anad.
I almost always type "the" as
"teh". I just tripped my
spellchecker. ;-> I don't
know how many times
I have
meant "an" and typed "and"
but of course the spellchecker
doesn't "see"
Thank you for making the
corrections. I need my
personal spell checker
for everything I
write. Juno
Me too!

Beverly, who even manages to
mistype "Bevelry" every once
in a while.
Oh, I want to be the referee for
you arm wrestling contest. You
could make
it in Sharon's home,
that's probably close to
half-way. Emily
Emily, I was counting on you
being my second, You can't be the referee.
we're(got that one right)using
Sharon's house maybe she can be
referee Juno
But... I wanted Sharon as *my*
second! ;-) Beverly

I'm available for refereeing. Standard
rates apply. ;-)
Send your resume, if you qualify you're
hired. ;-þ Beverly

Oh, good. I hate haggling over money.
I don't haggle, I pay standard rates:
minimum wage minus 10-%, no bennies. And you pay
your own transportation, meals, and lodging, of
course. Take it or
leave it. ;-> Beverly
Sorry, that's not my standard rate. You're on
your own.
Ok, I am thinking you would have thrown the
match to Juno anyway. Loser! ;-|


I would have awarded the match to the better
contestant. So.......
Hey, don't I get to say anything about this. You
can't just go pick any referee you want. Therefore, I pick
Joanne, because I'll pay more than you. Juno
It's good to have that settled. That cheapskate
Sob, it's not my fault the economy tanked! :-(


Well maybe if you buy that $500 iron.....

<Perks up> Really??? You think that'll do it??? ;-)


No doubt. Isn't that the manttra, spend till you portfolio drops

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