Re: How to install a sewing machine into drop down cabinet.

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I have a Brother LS-1217 and was just given a sewing machine 'drop
machine out of sight
and close lid" type of cabinet....

How do I install the machine into the cabinet. Lots of holes in the
cabinet top, but I
can't get any to line up with the screws on the machine... plus I'm not
sure which screws on the machine are meant for fastening to the cabinet
and which screws
are holding the machine together.

The sewing machine manual didn't offer any guidance. The cabinet (used)
was minus the
manual. It's a very plain type of table.... top folds over and a shelf
allows the machine
to drop down when unused. This looks similar to a lot of the sauder type
formica over flakeboard and has some cheap casters held on to the bottom
edge with
u channel..

Any help installing is appreciated....

Thanks in advance for your assistance !!!


You will want to find a screw hole or better yet 2 that are directly into
the cast metal part of the machine. You may have to drill new holes in the
table. It was likely originally no holes and people along the way installed
different machine in it.

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