Re: using curtain Cloth for summer skirts

Erin wrote:
On 20 Juli, 21:21, Emily Bengston <cyp...@xxxxxxx> wrote:

I don't shop at Calico Corners any longer because of some snide remarks made by a manager of their largest store here in Houston; she absolutely refused to sell me the fabric I wanted

Huh?!!! Darn strange way to run a business! :-( And this is exactly
the type of attitude that quashes creativity!!! GGggggrrrr! (yeah, I'm
gettin' worked up here).


Remind me of the time I went into a store to buy gloves. Very nice, very expensive leather gloves. I wasn't dressed very well that day. In fact I looked like I had just finished cleaning house, which was the truth. The saleslady to a look at me and said something like, Dear, do you think you can really afford them. My answer was, said with a very straight face, I wasn't sure, but since my husband was the owner of the store I'd ask him to get them for me with his discount. Turned around and walked out.