Re: Hemming problem

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It is certainly high enough, and I could get about 70% of
each leg marked.... So, why wouldn't it?

One portion of the chalk hem-marker goes *inside* the
garment being marked, and the hinged chalk-dispensing part
is outside. You pull the chalk-dispensing (hereinafter
called CD) part to make contact with the garment *and* the
inside-the-garment post and squeeze a bulb to puff chalk
onto the garment. I'm just not sure how well the "inside"
part would move around your leg *inside* a pants leg, and I
know from my own experience that aiming the CD gizmo gets
more and more difficult as the whole apparatus moves around
behind you (or you move in a tight circle around it). In
addition, you have the problem of guiding it around your
shoes. As I said, I have used one, but only for skirts, so
perhaps I'm over-thinking this.

Beverly, liking Kay's method more all the time....

OK, I can deal with the shoes, but I don't understand what goes
inside the skirt/pants. Perhaps it's been redesigned? I clicked on the
instruction sheet from the like you sent me, and don't what you mean -
but then again, it's just a basic line drawing. Would you take a look,
please (it's an Adobe PDF file) and let me know? Thanks.


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