What is this stuff called?

Looking for material(you've all seen it) but I don't know what it's called and local stores don't have it. I'm hoping it has a name or a mfr so I can google it and find a supplier.

Following are descriptors: Synthetic non-woven material having a waffle appearance. The waffle squares are on the bias about 16/inch. Pattern is formed apparently by hot calendering the square pattern so squares are fused and grid is just a little fuzzy so material is cloth-like. Isn't fusible like many stiffeners, and no adhesive coating is present. Is sewn in place or could be glued.

Material is quite limp, drapey with no rattle. (Rattle is a papermaking term referring to how noisey it is when crumpled and handled).Weight is about heavy shirtweight or can be like light flannel.

I've seen it used as a lining in clothing and shoes and also sandwiched in clothing construction and hidden like an interfacing. Gives feeling of weight to construction without adding appreciable stiffness. It doesn't look that strong but is difficult to tear and is rugged and wears well as a shoe liner, but you wouldn't think so to look at it.

Any ideas? Thanks, JPBill