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Lamb legs and shoulders and beef can be had bone in or out.

I wondered why I didn't know that then remembered that we buy whole sheep at a time and burcher them ourselves. A daughter has an organic farm, we pay her more than she'd get from the abbatoir but far less than a butcher's price. We have to use every part of the animal which is interesting.

This is where a good haggis recipe comes in handy. If I was buying a whole sheep, I'd be making haggis and mutton hams...

We also buy half a cow forom her but she doesn't rear pigs so we buy a whole pig from a local organic farm and butcher to our needs. Lots of sausages :-)

Yum! I could make mine both fat free and gluten free! That said, there's a butcher round here that will do a 10lb batch of gluten free sausages for me if I want them. I'm thinking of going halves with a coeliac friend.

I like boiled ham, so if we have that, I save the cooking liquid and some of the meat for ham & green pea soup. This is the one my son said was so thick it needed hammering flat to fit in ther bowls!

If we want ham we do it ourselves but mostly we prefer not to have such salty food.

I only do it occasionally, but ham is one of my favourite things!

I admire your use of bones, we're thought of as weird because we waste nothing! The bones, when finally finished, are either used to make needles or shuttles or ear scoop/tweezers or they go to the little dog up the street.

Do you sell your bone needles? There would be quite a market for them and other bone items with the re-enactors. I have a cow bone point turner that is a joy to use: feels much better than the old p0lastic one that broke! And the Vikings made bone spoons and nit combs!

Children today never seem to have heard of stone soup :-)

Nor that cabbage stalks are for more than compost!

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