Re: Mending clothes by hand

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Cue for members to claim they have silent machines :-)

My treadle machines make a very soothing clickety-clack.

The one I used to use did too and it wasn't unpleasant - but it
with my radio listening (plays and other voice-based programmes).

Hand sewing, apart from being very satisfying, is an excuse to sit and
while enjoying the radio.

I do a lot of knitting too and have a machine. Guess how I knit!



*sigh* You're a luddite? OK, you sew by hand, and knit by
you own a food processor but never use it?

Now that made Oi chuckle.......[1]

[1] For our cousins across the pond, 'Oi' is a broad English dialect
rendering of 'I'. Was used in a comedy series on UK TV

It's VERY regional. It's not used in Yorkshire :-)