Re: Waaaay OT: need help from old movie fans

Sharon, thanks for taking the time to help me. Unfortunately, I don't have
any idea whether these people were in the movies, much less what movie they
might have been in. One thing of note, however, is that under my father's
signature he added 3 musical notes, so I wonder if that means they were
singers, or maybe even Broadway performers. At any rate, I appreciate your
sending me the link as I noticed that they do have message boards. Perhaps
someone there will have an idea who these people are. Thanks again!

"Sharon Hays" <mamahays@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
Liz wrote:

Folks, I'm not very familiar with old movie or music or dancing stars, so
I'm hoping someone with that knowledge can help me. My father was a
commercial illustrator in the late 1920s/early 1930s. My brother has a
large collection of the illustrations he made while a student, and just
gave me one of them with the hope that my son, who inherited his
talents, could help in restoring this damaged drawing. My son asked if I
had any idea who the people might be. I don't know if they're actual
people from that era, or faces from my father's imagination. I wish I
asked when my father was living but unfortunately I didn't. Can anyone
here ID these faces?


Try going to and looking up the title of the movie. That
should help.
I tried to look but shutterfly was having issues. Told me that page was
unavailable right now.

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