Re: OT: Recommendations for good news readers

On Sat, 05 Apr 2008 16:36:41 GMT, Juno
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I know we've been over this a million times but please some
recommendations for good news readers. For some reason my killfile on
Thunderbird has stopped working and I'd like to get a good news reader
and not bother trying to fix the one I have. LAzy I guess.

I liked Agent until my latest upgrade -- the "improved" version had a
whole new interface for no benefit whatsoever. I got used to most of
its little foibles, but it still annoys me that 3.2/32.830 freezes up
the entire computer whenever it has to wait for a response from the
server -- the computer never freezes when Agent is *doing* something,
only while it's waiting!

Nonetheless, I stick to it -- changing programs would mean yet another
new interface with no compensating benefits, and I haven't found any
other newsreader with timed filters that will remove themselves when
no longer needed. Self-removing filters are particularly important
in news.answers, where I kill-file everything so that I can tell when
somebody posts something new, but I like to be reminded of FAQs a year
or three after I read them or decide not to read them.

Joy Beeson
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