Re: Old Vogue Knitting magazines

Janelle Freed had written this in response to :

Yes I am interested in your old Vogue Knitting magazines, 85-89.

Additionally, I particularly seek the Fall '04 issue.


Doreen wrote:

Still rearranging my sewing room, and tossing things I will not use
again. Does anyone know a U.S. knitter who would like to have (free
except for exact postage, probably would need to go Bound Printed
Matter) any or all of 14 issues of Vogue Knitting from 1985-1989? I can

compile a list of the exact issue dates.

I intended to post this question at a Yahoo knitting group but haven't
had any luck submitting my membership request...a glitch of some sort,
or maybe I'm just boneheaded.

Doreen in Alabama

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