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Please help me - marriage at stake!

We have recently had some cupboards built to store my dear wife's fabric collection. The problem is that the cupboards are against an external wall which can get cool. There is a risk of damp, which could lead to fabric damage. I can install ventilation and even heaters in the cupboards, but I wondered if either of the following would be a good solution.

a) Storing the fabric in air tight plastic bags on the cupboard shelves. You can get large 'vacuum bags' for clothes which are designed to have the air sucked out, but I guess they could also be used simply as air-tight containers without actually pumping the air out.

b) As above, but using plastic boxes (large thin ones) with decent air-tight lids.

If anyone has alternative solutions I would also love to hear them.

Many thanks


I keep all of my fabric in large plastic bins with the 'flap' tops.
There is some air circulation, which is important, as I often open the
bins to getsomething out or to rearrange the contents. I've never used
those fabric bags, or air tight containers, as I worry about trapping
moisture in them.

A quick GOOGLE search came up with:


Archives have failed me, but I think it was Cea who wildly entertained us with the tale of the space bags. She got some, and filled them with various things: comforters, pillows, fabric (of course), and other household soft items, and removed the air from the bags. She was delighted with how they squished down and became flat little packages, which she then piled on a shelf in the bedroom closet, securely behind the closed door. Until a week or so later when she heard a terrible noise, and went into the room to find the door flung open, fat bags and splintered shelving on the floor. I don't guess you could say the bags "leaked" since nothing came out of them. But the air found a way to rush back in, causing swelling beyond what the shelf could endure.

Of course, Cea told it much better.
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