Re: economies of scale in sewing

janesire@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

So, unless I'm sewing fancy posh dresses
for special occasions, I'd better stick to RTW clothes on sale. Or I
should sew because I want to. Not because I can sew better garments
for less money. I could buy fabric on-line but I can't tell what I'm
getting just by a picture. Especially for something like twill where I
want to touch the fabric to see how it feels. What is your opinion?

Pretty much. I sewed flannel and fleece trousers for my kids when
they were little and RTW didn't fit, or they were being picky, but now
I hardly sew any 'daily' wear for them. I make dresses and skirts for
the 16 yo (she doesn't like the stuff in the stores), costumes and odd
stuff for the 10yo. I buy jackets for the 10 yo because he's still
growing fast enough to outgrow even inexpensive jackets before they
wear out.

I bought the uniform top for the community band I play in, because,
well, it's a uniform top. The skirt was a little more flexible (the
only requirements were that it be black, full-length, and not velvet),
so I made that ($45 for a "long" black poly pebble crepe skirt that
wouldn't be long enough versus <$20 for a lined instep-grazing
peachskin skirt with wonderful drape).

For posh dresses and coats, or if you're sewing for someone hard to
fit, it's worth sewing. Other than that, it's usually not cheaper to
sew everyday wear (unless, of course, it's after the shops are closed
and you need something for tomorrow).


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