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I'm not sure where you got the idea that 'length' was a
primary measurement on which to base a pattern size. The Vogue site (in
the Tech Center) has some really
good charts:
click the "Standard Body Measurement Charts, then the
Children's link.

I just somehow figured that the size on the pattern would
be similar to ready to wear clothing. but I've never
seen pants this wide. So I wasn't too worried. In fact,
I figured it didn't matter because the pants were likely
to be unwearable. However, except for the size - so far
so good.

You just learned a very important lesson: Pattern sizing has NO RELATION
to Ready to Wear (cough) sizing. You really do have to take actual
measurements of the person/child and use them as your guide to choosing
pattern sizes. This is true of children and ESPECIALLY true for women's
sizes. Really, measure then compare to the body measurements chart on the
back of the pattern.

Hokay. I know I've heard it but I guess I like to live dangerously.

The ease chart on that site (granted it's for misses
sizes, but still...) shows an ease measurement of 4
1/8" - 6" for pants, so for a hip measurement of 22",
you *might* add 4 1/8" for a total of 26 1/8" excluding
seam allowances. For future reference, you might want
to measure your child, then add some ease, and compare
that measurement to the pattern pieces *before
cutting*. Making alterations to the pattern is way
easier than having to alter cut fabric. It occurs to
me that you might have purchased an "infant" size, and
if so, there is probably additional ease to make
allowance for diapers?

It IS a toddler size and he is in diapers. Although I
measured him in his diaper. So 22" includes diaper butt.

You measurement should have been of *him* without diaper. The pattern
builds in ease for the diaper. So if his actual measurement (without
diapers) is 19" or 20", then probably you should have chosen a smaller
pattern size. Live and learn. ;-)


(a little scared at the idea of measuring naked toddler)