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so I stupidly just used the length measurement to choose
what size to make my little fleece pants and wow, are they
HUGELY wide. My kids widest measurement is 22 " around
his butt. These are over 33" (pre-sewing 5/8ths seam
allowance). So I'm going to be doing some modifcation

Now I know- its easier to lengthen than to make narrower.
Although i used cheap on sale fleece knowing I'm an idiot
so its all good if they are fodder for my garbage can!

I'm not sure where you got the idea that 'length' was a
primary measurement on which to base a pattern size. The
Vogue site (in the Tech Center) has some really good charts:
click the "Standard Body Measurement Charts, then the
Children's link.

The ease chart on that site (granted it's for misses sizes,
but still...) shows an ease measurement of 4 1/8" - 6" for
pants, so for a hip measurement of 22", you *might* add 4
1/8" for a total of 26 1/8" excluding seam allowances. For
future reference, you might want to measure your child, then
add some ease, and compare that measurement to the pattern
pieces *before cutting*. Making alterations to the pattern
is way easier than having to alter cut fabric. It occurs to
me that you might have purchased an "infant" size, and if
so, there is probably additional ease to make allowance for