Re: sewing machine adjustment question

On Sat, 29 Sep 2007 06:41:36 GMT, Ivan Vegvary <ivan@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Sometimes I get a good looking row of stitches on top but on the bottom of
the fabric is an unruly mess. What causes this. BTW, I have an old (1921)
Singer with a walking foot. Fabric is vinyl.

Loops on the bottom: top tension is too loose or you threaded with the
presser foot down so the tension disks didn't open to receive the thread.
Or tension has something stuck in it and needs cleaning.
OR thread is way too heavy for the size of needle you're using.

Loops on the top:
Bobbin tension too loose or bobbin tension needs cleaning

Snarls at beginning of seam: you forgot to hold the threads behind the
presser foot while starting.


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