Re: Sewing with fleece questions

Knit Chic wrote:
My daughters love super comfy PJ's. I'm considering sewing them fleece PJ's for Christmas. However, I need advise on buying good fleece.
My store choices are: JoAnns or Walmart. Does anyone know who (if anyone) has fleece that does not pill and will stay super soft?
Also, I do not have a surger ... Will my zig zag be enough to make the seams look finished?
I do sew, I just have never used fleece in a garment. The only thing I have made w/ fleece are bean bags and no-sew blankets.
Any tips on sewing w/ fleece would be greatly appreciated.

So long as you don't mind spending the money, buy the best from Malden Mills! There are many on-line outlets that sell it, or you can go direct to the source. There are many types of fleece, so be sure to buy the type you need for the job in hand. Penny has an excellent list of suppliers on her page here:

Personally, I've used all three of the European suppliers, and they are all excellent.

As for actually sewing it... Well, OK, a serger would be my first choice for seams, but there's no reason to think that's the ONLY way to sew it. And anyway, plenty of processes NEED to be done on the ordinary machine! :) Just use a knit/jersey needle and a small narrow zigzag stitch (and be prepared for any stitch ripping to involve unpicking each stitch individually!). You'll find a walking foot a distinct advantage, and a roller foot useful. Fleece doesn't ravel or ladder, so there's no real need to clean finish, though a serged seam *is* neater and less bulky than an unfinished seam.
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