Re: Some lessons you just learn the hard way...

Doreen wrote:
We have a new granddaughter born tonight; everyone is
fine. Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful.

But. For many months, ever since it was learned that the
baby-to-be was a girl, her name has been ____ ____. When
they called tonight, "Oh, by the way, we decided to
change her name to ____ ____."
I *did* wait til last week to make the label for her
quilt. Most of my quilt labels are simple...of all
times, this was one I tried to make a little pretty: (some info airbrushed

Very pretty. Will you have to replace the whole panel?

ACK!!! From now on, wait until the birth certificate is

I liked it better when expectant parents either did not know
or did not SHARE the gender/name of their future child. I
cannot see how having that information *before* the child is
born is necessary anyone except for the two parents. My
niece is expecting her first child in December, she either
does not know or will not share information about the baby's
gender. I applaud her. My brother is livid. :-|