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You have an important job--you should dress for it. And if your
sewing skills are not up to par (no Home-Made stuff), you should
probably look at the better to wear shops. Many already have
coordinated pieces that will get you started.


thank you everyone for your thoughts...

talbots is having a sale. i'll be there saturday.

I bought a jacket, a pair of pants, and a skirt from Talbots earlier this year. My business clothes were all getting stupidly huge and I just did not have time to sew. Very pleased with the styles and so on. Classic stuff!
Good luck!

When you've got the time to try what may be a more complicated pattern, take a look at the Burda patterns. Their patterns included all kinds of measurement information like neck and bicep circumferences and other useful things which I find greatly reduce the amount of fussing I must to to get the pattern to fit well. Much less frustrating then having to guess how large the pattern company _thought_ your upper arm should be.

liz young