Re: workin with fur

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ok heres my problem I am making a bear the kind that will
be on an dowel and board as a stand.. i scored a real fur
coat at the thrift store for a song because it was fallin
apart literally at the seams i believe it is rabbit, I know
fur is BADDD but i look at it as i did not do the deed so
i feel i may as well make use of it.. some told me i shold
back the fur with some backing such as a muslin with tackin
spray..when i tore it apart i noticed it already has a
backing attached to it but it does seen to tear easily if
you pull it.. so my question is should i add more backing
to it to make more easy to handle??and also is therea way
to keep it from shedding ?please help

first: fur is not "bad". we're not PETA & even if we were nuts
like that, you are recycling an old fur anyway.

second: rabbit fur sheds like a blizzard. that's the nature of
the beast unfortunately.

is it the backing on the fur that tears easily, or is it the
actual skin? if it's just the backing, i'd attach a new layer
of something very lightweight. if it's the skin tearing, then
i'm afraid it's past trying to work with because it will fall
apart where it's stitched even if you do back it. rabbit tends
not to be a sturdy fur.