Re: Might buy first serger soon...

lldelso wrote:
Emily & Irene- Thanks for the good advice! Good call about test-
driving them! Will do! Thanks also Irene for the list of links, I will
read up and take a few for a whirl around the block!
Take care,

Laura,While your testing them out check out what goodies you get with it. Service, classes, how interested the dealer is in fitting the machine to you and not just making a big sale.
When I bought my serger, the biggest selling point for me was that the sales lady questioned me very carefully as to my needs and then spent more than an hour letting me try out the machine she recommended.After I made my purchase the store also made sure I got a brand new out of the sealed box machine that they opened in front of me, gave me several classes as I progressed in my ability to use the machine and a 10% discount every time I bought fabric, patterns and thread. They also gave me a couple of gift certificates and will mail any supplies I need if I call. That's a really big plus because with the price of gas at $3.22 a gallon I hate making a trip to the store. It's a 25 mile round trip for me.