Re: change to "whatcha sewin?"

Ron Anderson wrote:
I was being a bit tongue in cheek there. I just do love the way it looks on the counter. You know guys and power tools,lol. Mine fits nicely under the cupboard so it does not get to grimy just sitting there and does get used often. Bread is my main thing with it but the attachments are fun too.
I do cover with plastic the crock pot as that is on top the cupboard and would get greasy quickly.

I had the cupboards made close to the ceiling to prevent storage of excess kitchen items. Stuff like that now lives in one of two 'kitchen overspill' cupboards in the conservatory. It's where I keep the crock pot, the two pressure cookers, the soup cauldron, the jam pan 23 baking tins, Thermos flasks, the camping plates and cutlery and stuff for the boys... All the junky stuff I use less often. It leaves the kitchen cupboards free for the most used stuff.

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