Re: *FAQ PLEASE READ* alt.sewing newsgroup FAQ

Phaedrine wrote:

scroll down several pages just to read my one or few lines. Generally, I tend to mostly ignore top-posters, especially those like Melinda, who appear to top-post for the sole purpose of elevating their own ideas above those of others, snipping out truly relevant lines only to make their own writing seem somehow more important and conspicuous.

You are barking up the wrong tree. *sigh* Some newsgroups prefer top-posting and some prefer bottom-posting, and the ones that are the most vehement about it tend to lambast (sp?) those who don't follow the rules as if they were total unprintable adjectives, not considering the fact that not everybody on the face of the globe agrees with them. I can't even tell right from left without thinking about it most of the time (and sometimes it takes a while), so I tend to do a little of both, top-posting for short replies and bottom-posting for long ones, and I sometimes even do the traditional interspersing quoted material with the reply thing.

But personally I think that if people quoted thriftily, which I always try to do, it doesn't really matter if you top-post or bottom-post, and personally, I think squabbling about it is about as important as squabbling about which way to install the roll of toilet paper on the holder.

To add to the saying that I originally heard adapted for Usenet:

Great people discuss ideas,
Big people discuss things,
Little people discuss other people,
and on the internet, tiny people criticize other people's spelling and grammar AND whether they top-post or bottom-post.

As you already made abundantly clear, this *is* Usenet, and while you are free to state that you don't like top-posting, you aren't going to stop it.