Re: Collar dilemma...Any help greatly appreciated!

Thank you Beverly,
Yes, it did call for a lining and I did use the back-neck facing. I wasn't
sure if I was going to turn under the raw edges and seam because I made it
out of fleece that is already pretty thick and heavy... but I will do a test
on it and make sure it doesn't make it too bulky.

Thanks so much for the great advice and the compliment on the coat. I am
sure it will look better after I finish it and add buttons to the front
(they will be for looks only) I will also be putting on a couple of hook and
eyes for when I want to wear it closed.

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I just got most of the way done making a coat (Vogue 2204). It has a
shawl collar on it and I don't want to put a lining inside. My dilemma is
the inside of the back collar. How do I keep it in place and not affect
the look of the coat. It doesn't want to stay in place right now. I know
it won't look like storebought but I want it to look as good as I can make
it look. I have pics posted on
I would greatly appreciate any input on this matter. I am still somewhat
a beginner sewing, and collars are my biggest fear.
Thanks Again,

Did the pattern call for a lining? If so, it probably had a back-neck
facing piece, did you use that? If so, finish the raw edge of the facing,
and then you can use a herringbone stitch (kinda like a zig-zag, one
stitch on the facing one stitch into the back fabric, but just barely
catching *one* thread of the fashion fabric) to secure the facing to the
inside/wrong side of the fashion fabric. Here is a link to how the stitch
is formed:

If you didn't use the facing, use some very light weight fabric in a
matching color, apply like bias binding to the raw edge of the collar back
neck, and then use invisible hand stitches to tack that to the neck seam.
I would also turn the neck seam *toward* the collar, so that no raw edges
are exposed. This is similar to how shirt collars are sometimes finished.

Your coat looks wonderful, I love that big collar.