Re: Separated by a common language?

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You might also check local fabric stores, lots of professional
sewists leave contact information with them.

I realise there are several variations in meaning of words and vocabulary
each side of the Atlantic, is 'sewist' a common expression in the US? It
just doesn't look - or sound - right to me!


'Seamtress' and 'dressmaker' have female connotations. 'Sewer' can be
misinterpreted. 'Sewist' may not look quite right but says what we
mean: one who sews.

OK, it's a pity that political correctness seems to get in the way of just
about everything these days. As a mere fellow of advancing years whose
interest in sewing is primarily for dressing our dolls, I guess I'm a
dressmaker, but I certainly don't feel maligned by the title!

I certainly wouldn't claim to be a tailor, tailoring and dressmaking are as
different as chalk and cheese, but that's another argument altogether! [1]

[1] I'm really being just a little mischievous, having just finished my
next bit of floor tiling, and it's looking good and left me in excellent
humour this morning! :-)

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