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As an aside, could you kindly tell a right-pondian what TSWLTH stands for?


The Store We Love To Hate: Joannes, usually. I gather it's a bit like
our Hobbycraft shops, but messier and the staff are rude! ;)

Ta, and it's odd but although I've visited one or two HC shops, I've never
found anything I've *really really* wanted to buy. :-)

I found a nice big blue cutting mat, some cat print fabric, and a few
threads. And some purple handled scissors with beetles in the blades!
Cheap as chips, but fine for the kids to use.

I also found a Christmas prezzy for DH, and various bits for young James
to use with his modeling, including powder paint for scenery, and a
whole set of cheap & cheerful brushes...

I may be teaching granny to suck eggs, but have you come across the Fred
Aldous site?

Interesting... Not too much I'd use there, but a useful back-up for
some things. Thanks. :)

and another is

Their fabric prices seem high for the patchwork stuff - more like high
street prices than most places on line. But the thread prices look
good. Thanks for this one, too.

Their web site only shows a fraction of their range. We live not too far
away in the heart of Broadland, so it's one of our sources, but it's really
the sort of place to visit and browse.

Another favourite, but I couldn't find a web site, is Mason's in Bath
Street, Abingdon. There are a couple of shops just two or three doors
apart, one specialises in craft stuffs, the other in fabrics. The fabric
shop is a veritable treasure trove, what I would describe as a real
old-fashioned store. There are bolts of fabric *everywhere*, and you have
to be prepared to heave and struggle to get at them, but they have some
wonderful stuff there. It's an absolute must when we're staying with
friends in Oxford.

I wonder how far Abingdon is from Kenilworth... <Goes to look at map>
Ooh! Down the M40 and off at Bicester! Not too bad at all! Delicious
Goddaughter's fambly live thataway, and we visit several times a year.
Her mum's another fabriholic and sews costumes for her school plays (she
teaches A level Theatre Studies and English). I'm sure we could set off
one Saturday for a fabric acquiring trip... :) :) Ta ever so for that!

If you're making a day of it, another place well worth a visit in that area
is Millets Farm, at Frilford, near Abingdon (about 5-6 miles away). Garden
centre, farm shop restaurant, plenty to see. It's very popular!

There used to be a craft shop there, but I see it's not listed anywhere on
the website.

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