Re: How to alter a baby dress? - Thanks for help

"AK&DStrohl" <strohls@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
seems to have worked quite well, though I haven't put the buttons and
buttonholes in yet. (How do mothers of small children get any sewing
>done? The buttonholer on my HV Lily was playing up, so I'll probably do
them by hand.

Liz, how about snap tape? Invisible, easy to close and open.
AK in PA

Probably a good idea, but I already had the buttons. DH took DD for a long
walk this morning so I got the buttonholes done by hand. It's a long time
since I've done buttonholes by hand, but they came out ok. Good enough for a
dress that she'll probably grow out of in a month or two, anyway :-)