Re: dressing up clothes

Kay wrote:
"claireowen" <claireowen@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote

I was trying to veer away from one specific outfit and go more for
mix and match items to extend the princesses into something else by
using her imagination. She has plenty of fake jewels tiaras etc to glam
up with. Any other suggestions would be welcome.
Claire in Montréal France

Since I still can't sew, I went shopping today with DH to find a birthday gift today for DGD.
I wanted a pretend box for her and since I still get tired and sore shopping I was limited to one store. Of course I found nothing I wanted. It was either very pink and princess type or guns and knives which I'm not about to give to any child.
I decided I wanted to by her a tool kit. DH didn't think it would go over very well with mom. I said I really didn't care, it was not for mom. We compromised on a fire engine she could build and paint with dad.
My favorite image of this particular child is her out playing soccer with her poppa, she has bare feet, a tiara and tutu on and is diving to get the ball. Oh how I wish I had a camera with me that day.
I know she'll love the fire engine.