Re: [OT] Flatware was Re: Was: Aboyne Doll's outfit done - Now Cutlery!

Pogonip wrote:

You are too kind. Much too kind. LOL!

No one accuses me of that! ;->

You mention depth perception -- something I have never
had but drive just fine. There is a condition called
amblyopia, which is hereditary, and runs in my family. I
nearly lost an eye as a child because of it. But for
depth perception, my brain apparently compensates by
using things like the height of telephone poles, etc.,
to determine distance. I promise, I am a safe driver!

If I had several years to adjust, my brain would probably learn
to compensate, too. As I have only three weeks, until the second
eye is done, I'll just try to be extra careful.

Beverly, sitting at my computer with just one of my old contact
lens in (on the "unoperated" eye), and it's working quite
well.... ;-)