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BEI Design wrote:

My sister and nieces would dearly love to do it for me and mine...but they are LDS and have an ulterior motive. No way I want them messing about with *my* family history.

The worst they could do is "baptize" you by proxy after you are dead. I doubt you'd care much then. ;-)

My aunt (Mom's sister) does have a lot of information, but her father was apparently a black sheep, there is a brick wall prior to him. He emigrated to the US in the 20s or 30s, and we know nothing at all about his family.

There are records somewhere - nobody is born a black sheep. It's just a matter of getting access and spending the time and energy. You'd probably have to go whereever he came from to find it. Then it might be in an unfamiliar language, and a lot of trouble to deal with.

I'm having cataract surgery *early* tomorrow (ugh, why do surgeons want to start work at 7:00 AM???), so I'm off for my beauty sleep. :-\


Congratulations and best of luck. I hope you have the fantastic results friends have reported to me - not only cataracts gone, but good vision for the first time. I'm almost disappointed that my cataract is such a slow grower. Almost. Not quite......

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