Re: [OT] Flatware was Re: Was: Aboyne Doll's outfit done - Now Cutlery!

Pogonip wrote:

I have a cousin who does all that for me. ;-)

My sister and nieces would dearly love to do it for me and
mine...but they are LDS and have an ulterior motive. No way I
want them messing about with *my* family history.

done our common ancestors, back to 466 CE if you can
believe some of the research done by others - she says
take it with a grain (or pound) of salt. For a Xmas
present, she was going to do my father's family, but they
have been most uncooperative. She's having trouble
finding where my grandparents are buried and what records
might be there. We think they went from Scotland to Nova
Scotia to Ben Avon, Pa.......but so did thousands of
other Scots, and the names are not always clearly
helpful. She loves the research. I find it tedious.

I think it's interesting and fun, but I'm not obsessed, either.
I'd love to find the areas in Germany DH's ancestors came from
(both sides), and also more information about my paternal and
maternal lines. However, with names like "Price", "Brown",
"Bennett", and "Hard", it's a tougher search. :-(

My aunt (Mom's sister) does have a lot of information, but her
father was apparently a black sheep, there is a brick wall prior
to him. He emigrated to the US in the 20s or 30s, and we know
nothing at all about his family.

I'm having cataract surgery *early* tomorrow (ugh, why do
surgeons want to start work at 7:00 AM???), so I'm off for my
beauty sleep. :-\