Re: [OT] Flatware was Re: Was: Aboyne Doll's outfit done - Now Cutlery!

Pogonip wrote:

A very dry spot in the basement, I hope.

Yes, we have only had dampness in the basement once in all these
years, and that was because a downspout failed near the
foundation. Usually the basement is nice and dry. And old
papers are stored off the floor on shelving.

Although the
paper that was used then is much more durable than our
current supply. But those old records are precious to
the family, so making sure they're stored in a safe place
is worth the trouble.

My biggest difficulty is in not having a single area where I
store stuff. I use/look at it, and then it gets put

Census records are available now, and while not 100%
reliable (not many other sources are either), you can
often get some good leads. With families in small towns,
you can often get more information by looking at the
neighbors' census reports -- they're frequently related.