Re: Elna Supermatic Won't Light Up.

BEI Design wrote:
Pogonip wrote:

Ha! You're too young to have ever experienced a mustard
plaster. Then you would have something to complain about!

Eeeewwww!!! My mother used to apply those to my older brother, I don't remember why exactly (although the word 'boils' tickles a memory synapse), I just remember the *smell*. Vick's VapoRub is heaven in comparison.


Mustard plaster was for chest congestion - the theory (I think) being that the heat would loosen the chest. Sometimes it did. Sometimes it also raised blisters on the skin.

I recall some black tarrish stuff for boils - either that, or lancing them. The black stuff drew them out. It probably isn't even legal to sell anymore, but I don't know. Seems like they put some stuff on us that isn't legal anymore. Boric acid? I remember that, but not why - was it used for pinkeye?

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