Re: Elna Supermatic Won't Light Up.

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BEI Design wrote:

Ah, thanks! Sounds a bit like Vick's VapoRub my DM
always had on hand.


I keep Vick's around. Sometimes a dab on my nose at
night helps me sleep. Either because I've had a bit of
stuffiness, or my husband has eaten
something.....well.....I also use Oust.
One of our daughters is in Europe at the moment, and I
suggested she take a jar with her. In case the tide is
out in Venice, or the crowds in Paris get too warm.

I always have some Vick's here also. Like you, I apply a dab under the nose to clear up the stuffiness which might keep me awake. Also tried the "VapoRub on toenails" remedy for thickened nails, but to no avail. Never thought about using it as an odor-disguiser. ;-) But then again, DH snored, he didn't (usually) stink.

But if the allergies flair up or I get a bad cold, nothing else helps to open the nasal passages like Vick's.

Oh nooo!!! Run away!!! I *hate* Vicks!

My mom would slather it all over our chests and necks when we had chest colds, and if you didn't watch out she'd smear a fingerful of that crap under your nose for good measure.

Like being sick and miserable wasn't bad enough, you had to have burning cold, eye-watering stinky grease rubbed on you as well. If mom hadn't adopted my cat when it became clear that my husband couldn't tolerate him, the Vicks thing alone would have given me ample justification to dress her funny when she gets really old.

I believe that Vicks has its place in the folk medicine pantheon. Like a rancid goose-grease and garlic poultice, it probably works because you have to believe that anything that awful *must* be beneficial.