Re: Opinions Please on Washing Machine. . .

shirley miller wrote:
Earlier this year there was a discussion on washing machine brands. My 7-yr
old Maytag Neptune front loader died yesterday. The repair person estimated
it would cost $650 - $700 to fix; his fee for making us wait all day for him
and then spending less than half an hour to diagnose the problem was $80.
So DH and I made the decision to purchase a new washing machine.

Last year, or somewhere thereabouts, Maytag settled a class action
suit which centered around the Neptune front loader model; apparently
this was an acknowledgement that the performance of the machines was
vastly inferior, with an unreliable product. You might check out the
Maytag website, and see if there is any possibility of putting in a
The mother board on my Neptune burned out 3 times, and it was very
costly to replace it. What griped me was that the problem was one small
contact point, yet the whole board needed to be replaced.The rubber
door seal repeatedly built up with what looked like black mold .I got
rid of my machine after it was factory repaired, as I cannot afford the
constant cost of repairs.
Got a GE toploader, and, truthfully, I do miss some things about the
frontloader. I'm sure this GE will cost more to fill with water, and
some garments come out looking as if they were run over by an
18-wheeler. I can hardly iron the wrinkles out. Oddly enough, the worst
offender is a pair of lycra-blend jeans. The clothes do not come out as
clean as they did when washed in the top loader, either. Sometimes I
really miss it.
The research we did on Mielie (sp?) looked promising, and, if I
could afford it, I'd invest in one of their machines.


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