Something wicked this way comes...

OK, so we all know what we don't like in the frocky shop of horrors, but what do we love?

As with out dislikes, the loves of our lives will be many and varied. I know we've looked at this before, but what I want to see is not just WHAT you like, but WHY you like it? What is it in a particular garment that speaks toy your soul and makes your heart flutter? Choose three only, as otherwise this could get out of hand!

Here are mine: an eclectic mix! ;)

Vivienne Westwood: the Watteau green gown with strong elements of the 18th century. This gown is magnificent in the flesh: superbly crafted, and made of the most delicious green and lilac shot silk taffeta. I've seen this up close, not in the case at the V&A, and the stitching is truly enviable. Our Viv has some superb seamsters working for her.

Jean Muir's 1969 wedding dress for Lady Pamela Harlech. Cream wool, and again, perfect stitching and a simple, almost classic design. I've been close enough to smell this one - slight tint of camphor! - and I cannot see a fault anywhere in the construction. I wonder if I can find a picture of the back, as it was equally magnificent... I'll post one if I find it.

Now this one is loathsomely ugly in the flesh, but seriously magnificent. It was at Smallhythe Place, Ellen Terry's house here in Kent when I saw it. The gown is made of some bluish/greenish knitted stuff, lined with green satin, with beetle wing carapaces sewn all over it like sequins to make it glitter. It gleams in the light, in a menacing way. She was a tiny woman, but the gown is very heavy... Masses of work, and a superb piece of costuming that suited both the actress and the part she portrayed magnificently. I LOVE this dress, while recognising that it really is one of the ugliest and most evil looking garments ever created.

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