Re: Success with my walking foot

Michael Daly wrote:
Taunto wrote:

Since I haven't sewn in a couple of years, I'm just into creating something, exactly the way I want it, just for the pure joy of the creative process, even if its a lesser grade than something off the shelf.

Perfectly legitimate reason for making stuff.

I just finished this last week. It's a pocket for my marine VHF radio so that I can carry it on my PFD (personal flotation device, aka life jacket). I wanted a hard-shell to protect the radio from knocks and bumps.


There are some similarities to a camera case - a few changes in dimension and it would have been fine for a waterproof camera.


Good man. Looks good too.

Just thought of another thing I might be able to make today. I've got problems with my right wrist collapsing when I ride my mountain bike, which then causes something like carpal tunnel.

Today I found some handlebar grips that have an platform/extension on them that will support the wrist somewhat. However, most grips are just too hard for me. On my current bike, I got some of that dark grey tubular insulation for pipes and slipped it over each grip. That works "ok", but wouldn't help me with these new grips. I'm thinking of taking some foam like they use for sleeping pads, either the open or closed cell stuff, cutting some to fit the new grips, then sewing a zippable cover to go over the foam and grips. Then I won't have to worry about trying to tape stuff, etc.

This is a photo of the grips:

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